Saturday, December 30, 2017

Baby Sleep Sack

First project of "buy no supplies" January is done, and it's not even January yet.

The original idea was to buy no supplies, but now I'm kind of thinking that I'd like to just buy less overall. Example: the baby is getting too tall for her sleep sack, so I could pop onto Amazon and buy a new one, or I could use what I have and sew one up. So, I did! It was easy and pretty quick.

I traced her old sleep sack and added space all around, including a few inches at the bottom. I used some striped French terry that my mom gave me ages ago, found an appropriate zipper in the zipper box, and just serged it all together. At first I tried to finish the armholes with fold-over elastic but that was a hot mess, so I did thin bands of the terry then topstitched them to the seam allowance. Finished it with a tab and a plastic snap to keep the zipper up (I have, not joking, 24 colors of plastic snaps, and have used approximately three of them), and it's done. It's not perfect- my machine struggled a bit with the fabric- but I'm proud of myself nonetheless for following my new rules.

Next up: more bibs. "One size fits all" bibs are stupid, and that's mostly what we have, so quite a lot of food ends up on her outfit instead of her bib because the bib is too small. So I'm planning some larger bibs with snaps, not velcro, because we like to rip our bib off towards the end of a baby meal.

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