Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Pattern: Lagniappe Gloves!

When I started my new job at the beginning of February, I was absolutely convinced that my design work wouldn't change at all. "I'm only working 75% time," I thought, "so there will be tons of hours leftover every day for designing and knitting samples!"


I've been working on this one cardigan sample for my whole life, and it took me over a week to get the second glove done of a pair. I haven't knitted myself a pair of socks in nearly 2 months, I'm constantly out of clean clothes, and I'm seriously considering hiring a housekeeper. Why did I think nothing would change? Did I think I was a superhuman, to whom rules like "time" don't apply? I can't believe how unrealistic my design goals were. Nothing to do about it now, but sheesh. Totally off.

Anyway! I designed something! These are the Lagniappe Gloves. They started life as a pair of socks. I have never made cabled socks, despite my intense love of cables, so I started these one night as my "fun knitting." I got about 2 inches in an realized that they would never fit over my heel, but knitting time is so precious that I couldn't bear to rip and restart... so I stuck the "sock" on my wrist. It fit perfectly, and ta-da! A new glove pattern.

Lagniappe is a Louisiana word meaning "a little something extra." Like if you plant tulip bulbs and they bloom once, then miraculously bloom again the next year (they're not supposed to down here), that's lagniappe. You get an extra beignet in your bag- lagniappe. The pretty cable pattern on an otherwise simple glove- you got it, lagniappe.

The gloves are written for three sizes, and are a great use of sock yarn if you're not into knitting socks.

Finished Measurements: 
Cuff Circumference: 6.5 (7, 7.5) inches 
Palm Circumference Above Thumb: 7 (7.75, 8.25) inches
The yarn used for the sample was hand-dyed by me. You will need about 210 (230, 255) yards of fingering weight sock yarn.
Until March 31st, get the pattern for just $2.50 on Ravelry!