Friday, February 9, 2018

"Buy No Supplies" January Update.

Well, I did it- I the whole of January (and the first 9 days of February, so far) without stepping foot in a craft or fabric store. Honestly it hasn't been that hard, but that might have been because I spent the first 10 days of January really, really sick, then the next week in a blind panic to get some publications out the door, then most of the rest of the month trying to catch up on the life I missed while doing the first two things, and now it's maybe just habit to NOT want to go fabric shopping? I was tempted a couple times to go to Joann, because the baby likes it, and I'm always looking for ways to entertain the baby, but instead we did some free things like go to the park, go to baby play time at the library, that kind of thing. I'm so proud of us.

Overall I haven't had much time to sew in 2018, which is probably the biggest reason that it's been easy to not buy anything. I made a couple things, though (picture at the top of this post): two bibs, two pairs of underpants for me, an orange raglan sweater each for me and the baby (this stuff was a nightmare to sew, and I hated it, but I bought the fabric over a year ago specifically to make a raglan sweater so dang it that's what I did), and I finished this quilt top above. Knitting wise (picture below), I made this earwarmer from some gorgeous Plucky Bulky, finished my Beatitude cardigan, finished the baby's So Faded but that's not in the picture because it's in her room and she's napping, have almost finished the body of a So Faded for me, and knitted some magazine samples I can't show you. I guess when it's all laid out like that yeah, I actually did make some stuff! Good for me.

I made no dent in my stash at all. I didn't think I would in just one month, but still. I'm a good portion into February without buying any supplies so I'm going to keep it going. I've got several sewing projects lined up using stuff I already have so it should be easy. Knitting- I have so much gorgeous yarn that I had forgotten about. I'm happier with my yarn stash than my fabric stash, but they're both great. No need to buy anything. Plus with the money I saved this past month I'm totally buying shoes and not feeling guilty. That's some incentive, for sure!

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