Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Elaina's So Faded

I'm having a bout of "finish-it-up-itis." I sent off two patterns to magazines on Saturday, meaning I all of a sudden had- gasp- free knitting time, so I walked into the sewing room the other day and grabbed the closest unfinished project I could find. It was Elaina's So Faded Pint-Sized, and it only needed a sleeve and the neckband. Took like one and a half evenings to finish, even with my in-laws here visiting, admittedly a couple of cocktails, and a movie. Also yes, it snowed here in Baton Rouge again last night. Doesn't snow here for 10 years, then we get twice in one winter. What.

For reasons that hopefully made sense at the time I made my 10-month-old the size 4 sweater. It may fit next winter, we'll see. It's pretty darling. She's going to look adorable in it.

The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden Gradient Quartet in the color "Vocal." I have quite a bit left over, so now I'm thinking about what to do with it- could be a faded hat, possibly. I was hoping to make socks but I don't think I've got that much leftover.

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