Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bad Choices?

I'm not much of a knitalong person. I do what I want, when I want and that includes knitting. But for whatever reason, I decided to join in on Berroco's knitalong for Portfolio Vol. 4. I'm making Thea Colman's Clover Club Hat with two colors of Berroco Ultra Wool and some pink Vintage.

I knew even before I started knitting that there wasn't enough contrast between the pink and the teal... but I started anyway, and got all the way through the first and second colors before I had to admit to myself that I don't love this. It's not the pattern- the pattern is amazing. I think I was trying to be too thrifty by only using leftovers, and it's just not a great combo. 

The teal and the taupe-y color look great together, of course. It's just the pink. I went to my LYS and they don't carry this yarn, so I'd have to order it and I don't want to order one skein. I mean, I don't want to try to order just one skein but end up ordering like 6 different single skeins of yarn because I want free shipping. I'm trying to stash down. I know myself. 

So what to do? Rip it out and find something else that will work instead of pink? Carry on since I'm almost done with the hat anyway? Stuff it in a project bag and forget about it for 2 years? Open to suggestions. 

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  1. I actually like these three colors together. Keep going!