Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Pattern: Maine Harbor Bag

We all know how much I love nautical stuff. New pattern, no surprise, it's nautical. I am nothing if not predictable.

In my wonderfully nautical guest room, I have a print of all the different maritime flags, what letter each one stands for (should one need to spell something to other boats), and what they mean if used alone, in various nautical situations. For example, a flag that's blue on top and red on bottom is "E", and means "I'm directing my course starboard." For whatever reason I really get a kick out of maritime flags. Naturally- I designed a knitting pattern using them. That's what I do.

This bag uses the intarsia method. Those maritime flags spell out "KNIT" on one side of the bag, and "PURL" on the other side. The bag is lined ( I used fabric with ships on it because duh) and has a zipper, so whatever treasures you put inside won't fall out and get lost. Keep a small knitting project in the bag, or your notions, or even- gasp- something entirely unrelated to knitting, like cosmetics. Use it as a whimsical clutch when you go out one night. Explain about maritime flags and impress people with your random knowledge.

If you've never lined a bag before, the pattern has a few photos and instructions on how to do so. The intarsia flags are charted.

Skills Needed: Long tail cast on, working from a colorwork chart, intarsia, casting on to the end of a row with either backwards loop or cable cast on, applied i-cord bind off (instructions are given), seaming, sewing a straight seam with a sewing machine, sewing in a zipper (instructions are given in the pattern), hand stitching with needle and thread.

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sportweight: one skein (you won't need the whole thing) in Dove Heather, and very small amounts of Semolina, Coal, White, Red, and Winter Night. This project is a great use of leftovers, so long as they're all the same weight.

Get the pattern for $5 on Ravelry- no account needed.

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