Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Here we are, at the end of another year. I feel good about 2015:

  • after being solely self-employed for a year and a half, I got a job that I really like at LSU;
  • I generally have the house in the state I want it in, meaning we've got appropriate furniture, I've painted everything except the insides of our closets (dread), there are me-made curtains on all the windows, and I feel like everything is stylish and well-put together (mostly this all means that I'm no longer embarrassed to invite people over to our house. Geez Louise it's tough to make a new house how you want it.);
  • I made real strides in the knitting world this year, and I feel like a real, legitimate designer with at least a bit of name recognition, and;
  • I turned 30. Not sure if this is something to really feel good about, but it's a thing that happened. 
My 2015 knitting goals were: to have 5 third-party publication acceptances, including one out of Interweave Knits, Pompom Quarterly, and/or Twist Collective; to self-publish 20 patterns; and to have 5 patterns as part of the Knit Picks Independent Designers' Program. 

I made some goals, missed others. I'm really proud to say that I had 12 third-party acceptances in 2015, including one out of my specific three publishers. 

I made my self-publishing goal when I was still completely self-employed, so I'm giving myself a pass on not making that one, because it's a lot harder to knit all the time when you have to go to work. I self-published 12 patterns. That's not bad at all. 

I have three patterns in the Knit Picks program, with a fourth one just about done. That's close enough to five, right?

Overall: great success, and 22 patterns total. 

Here's a recap of everything I published this year. The third-party pubs are in roughly chronological order. The self-pubs are in whatever order the photos fit together. 

Third-Party Pubs April to August: 
Ouverte Tee (Knitscene Summer 2015), Bakdash Jumper (Knit Now Issue 52), Blowing Snow Cardigan (Midwestern Knits Book)

Third-Party Pubs October to November: 
Gnome and Toadstool Scarf (Charmed Collection from Knit Picks), Fair Isle PANTS (Holla Knits Winter 2015), Polka Dot Hat (Knit Now Issue 54)
More November to December: 
Chevron Gift Card Holder and Cabled Gift Card Holder, Celtic Knot Pillow (all three from the Knit Picks website), Locksley (Knittin' Little Winter 2015 Collection) 

Self publications. 
Row 1: Quarter Mile Shorts, Olmsted, Kenner Street Pullover, Water Skaters Cowl
Row 2: Bienville Slipper Socks, Diamond Lattice Mittens, Treillage Mitts, Oilean Hat
Row 3: Tullamore, Lisburn Cowl, LIGHTSABER, Lagniappe Gloves

Here's hoping for an even more successful, productive 2016, filled with lots of knitting! Happy New Year everyone!

(Also, as a thank-you for making this a great year, all patterns in my Ravelry shop are 30% off with coupon code "Hello2016" from now until midnight on January 1.)

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