Saturday, April 11, 2015

Like I Have the Time

Beatitude Cardigan by Katy Banks... picture borrowed from the KP website

I don't know if you spend a lot of time on the Knit Picks website, but I find myself there often. Sometimes I'm looking for inspiration, sometimes I'm picking out colors for a submission, sometimes I'm dreaming about things that I don't have time to knit. I noticed a couple months ago that they were doing a monthly yarn sale- 20% off a specific yarn each month. I don't remember what the yarn was these past few months, but this month, it's Palette. Palette happens to be the yarn called for in the Beatitude Cardigan from the recent Fair Isle collection- I have been obsessed with that cardigan since the collection came out. Like, really obsessed. I thought about buying a kit the second I saw that pattern, but I was like no, there's no time to knit it, it'll just sit in my sewing room for ages and make me sad. But then- Palette sale. Guess what I've got in my sewing room now?

Yep. Yarn for the Beatitude Cardigan. I will make time for this pattern, I swear. I want that cardigan in my closet in the worst way.

I'm pretty much just going to copy the sample. Main color is Oyster Heather, and for the contrast I'm using Raspberry Heather and Conch. I already had the Conch so it was just a matter of choosing a darker coral. Love these colors together. Now, to find time to swatch. Sigh.

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