Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random task Saturday

Today has been "made random stuff" day. I made this art piece to fill a blank space in my hallway that's needed something there for much longer than I care to admit.

A little hard to photograph, but hopefully you get the picture. It's something I saw on Pinterest... and then did no further research. No idea where the quote is from. But it says: You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds. 

Closer view. I painted a canvas with a few different colors of coral paint, then I used a couple of felt-tip pens to do the lettering. I wish I'd drawn out the shape of the anchor first, because it's a little wonky, but what do you do. It's anchor-esque.

I also made this boxy zipper pouch for traveling knitting projects. I have a couple little bags for that purpose already, but I find myself moving projects in and out of them pretty often. Figured it's probably best to just have more.

I got this fabric from Fabric Bubb on Etsy. It's a British subway map. I thought it was too random and funny to pass up. And it's super colorful, and I love color. Clearly. Somewhere on here is "King's Cross Station", which the Harry Potter nerd in me went nuts over. Don't think it ended up in a place of prominence, but it's at least there somewhere.

I just Googled "boxy zipper bag tutorial" and cobbled together what I found to make this. It's fully lined, which I really like. I wish it was taller. But now I know for next time. I also got some blue to green ombre chevron fabric to make another bag, so I'll make that one taller. Then my knitting projects will each get their own bag, and I won't end up at work with the yarn for one project, needles for another, no pattern, and three pairs of tiny scissors. That's just annoying.

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