Thursday, May 31, 2012

Definitely not cocktail knitting.

I started a project that I've been dying to start for a long time. Like, two weeks at least.

It's Elysium from the most recent Twist Collective, and it's tricksy. That bit of blue right there is the product of a cocktail-free, tv-less two hours. I suspect that the hard part is over, though, and hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out.

Here's the completed pattern:

The pattern is a shawl made up of these beautiful flowery lace squares, but I'm way, way too young to be a shawl-type knitter, or so I like to think. Ok, I made one shawl, a year ago. But it was so that I could learn to knit lace better. So it's acceptable, as a learning experience. Anyway. Here's my plan to make this shawl not a shawl. I'm thinking that I'll knit several flower squares individually, then cleverly seam them together to make a lacey swimsuit cover up. It works out in my head. Here's hoping it works out in real life!

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