Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Very Nice Birthday Gift.

I made this excellent llama hat for myself a long time ago. It doesn't fit. That sucks.

It was the Andean Chullo kit from Knit Picks. It was going to be my first color work project, but I got about 2 rows in a realized I was lacking some necessary skill. So I put it on hold while I learned how to do colorwork by making a much simpler, two-color vest. Then when I started this hat, I apparently neglected to check on the size as I was making it. I mean, it does physically fit on my head, but it's tight, and I get a little light-headed when I wear it, which I figure is not good for doing things like, for example, riding a bike. So I've decided to gift the hat to my sister, who a) has a smaller head, and b) lives in a colder clime and can wear it for much more of the year.

Makes me sad to give it away, but it's just sitting in a box at my house, and that's not doing anyone any good.

So off it goes. The kit came with enough yarn to make at least 2 hats, so someday, when I'm feeling motivated, I'll make a slightly bigger one for myself. That, or maybe some llama mittens. Hats kind of look silly on me anyway.

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