Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A General Update.

1. The leafy partial sweater is done, and it's ok, I guess. I wish I would have made it bigger, which is something that I wish with nearly every sweater I make. Clearly, I am dilusional about what size I really am.

2. I started a new sweater. Well, t-shirt. It's Rusted Root, and I'm making it with the yarn I so carefully selected for that Vogue tank top I'm obsessed with. It was just not going to work for that.

3. The accidentally-striped socks are sort of progressing. I probably could finished the second sock last night, but I watched that Justin Timberlake movie "In Time", and it required a little more attention than I ususally devote to movies. So the sock remains incomplete.

4. Also, I discovered Picnik. It's fun, but apparently going away in April, so I definitely need to use it as much as possible until then.

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