Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Long-Put-Off Sweater.

I've wanted to make this sweater since I got this copy of Vogue Knitting way back in spring of 2011.

Yesterday I was examining my Ravelry queue, because I'm pretty sure I haven't updated it in months, when I came across this cardigan. (An aside: is "cardigan" really the right word? "Vest", maybe? "Another partial sweater", in the words of my bestie?) It occurred to me that I had the perfect yarn already in my stash. Cue obsession. I think I was home from work all of 5 minutes before I had the yarn and pattern out. I'm using some Bamboo Ewe that I got on clearance at Michael's a long time ago. Not sure I love the yarn- I think it's making me extra sneezy. But it's soft, and the color is pretty. It's almost exactly the same as the sweater in the picture, which I don't love because I like to be different, but I do love because it's a lovely sweater.

I was having an embarrassingly hard time with this lace pattern. It doesn't look hard. But I had to un-knit a ton, on every row. I came to the frustrated conclusion that the pattern was poorly written, but it's possible that the, ahem, half a bottle a wine I drank before starting was the real problem. But probably not. I'm an excellent pattern reader. So, poorly written pattern- that's what I'm telling myself. Then finally, I realized that the leaf pattern is really similar to the leafy pattern on the pink sweater I finished knitting this week, and my brain went, Oh! I got it. And now I don't even need the chart. Much better.

I think it will be another quick knit, which is good, because it's a wool blend, and it's getting delightfully warm here. But I could always wear it over a dress, like the model in the top picture, and be fine.

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