Friday, August 4, 2017

For the Love of Mint Green

When I was in fifth grade, I remember that my favorite colors were black, white, and red, all together, sort of like Minnie Mouse, I guess? Favorite colors are an odd thing. Red is not at all my color now. Hasn't been for a long time. I'd be hard pressed to say which color, for certain, is my favorite, but lately (for a couple years or so) I've been all about emerald green, coral, metallic gold, and mint. Oh, mint. If I really had to pick, I think mint would be my favorite. No offence to all the other colors, but mint is just lovely.


See: my current sweater WIPs. Mint. Since the baby was born, I've sort of been taking a designing break. Little sleep = almost no creativity, plus I just don't have much for free time anymore- designing takes so very much time. I've been taking this opportunity to knit some things that have been in my queue for ages, and honestly it's been awesome. I can't remember the last time before baby that I had time to knit solely for pleasure. Right now I'm working on a Pomegranate in Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in... well, mint. I'm also making an October Cardigan from the latest Knitscene designed by my interwebs friend Jesie Ostermiller. For that one I splurged a little on some Malabrigo Rios in the minty color Water Green. It's wonderful to knit with, and there is zero pooling. I don't even have to alternate skeins- I sort of hate doing that. Love, love love how this is coming out.

Two sleeves and a back of my October Cardigan

When these two are done I might branch out and knit something that is not mint-colored. Or maybe not. I have some mint green sock yarn that's calling my name.