Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Pattern: Olmsted Pullover

Just what you wanted right in the middle of summer! A new pullover pattern!

Poor timing aside, this is Olmsted. It's a top-down seamless pullover, and it's pretty much a fancy sweatshirt. A bit of a looser fit plus a slight A-line shape means it's comfy and easy to just toss on with jeans. The sleeve caps and shoulders are shaped with short rows, as is the high-low hem. Double seed stitch and cable panels decorate both front and back and the whole business is finished off with garter stitch. 

Can we talk about the yarn? I think it's no secret that I love Knit Picks, and I think that Swish worsted might be my very favorite. Although I really love Stroll... but Swish! It's soooo soft, and it comes in a bajillion colors. Holds up well, too, which is not always the case with a superwash yarn. 

Someone on Twitter asked me how one would modify the neckline of this sweater. It's actually a lot easier than most of my other patterns! Look for a blog post on that topic soon. 

Want to knit your own? Get the pattern on Ravelry for just $4 until August 7th.