Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's been a bit

Sometimes when my husband goes out of town, I sneakily redecorate.

This is my knitting corner in the dining room. The walls used to be 1970s green, because one of the walls is wood paneled, and I liked the retro vibe. Now they're stripey, and awesome. And that chair, a hand-me-down from Kevin's grandma, was sort of an ivory. I never really liked it. So I decided that despite never having done it before, I would tackle a total reupholstering. By far the hardest part was removing the old fabric. I swear, there were 1000 staples, and they were really, really in there. I came out mostly injury-free, shockingly. I used the old pieces as a pattern, and I even did piping. It worked. I have no idea how. Beginner's luck, I'm thinking.

See? Piping. I rock. I did that pillow as a practice for doing piping, and it's, well... not that square. But I like the fabric. Coral is my accent color throughout the room, because it's totally in right now. As my husband likes to say. Makes me giggle.

Once I finish the rest of the room, I'll show you that too. Oh, and knitting:

I have a pile of finished stuff to model, but we'll wait until a day when my hair isn't still wet.