Friday, March 16, 2012

Cotton yarn is tricksy.

Here's my Rusted Root.

It's a top-down raglan, which I like because the sleeves are pretty much done already, and there's no seaming. I don't like it because I think the neckline is slighty strange, but that could be my fault and not the fault of the pattern. It's taking me much longer to make this than I thought it would. This is due to a combination of the cotton yarn (it's literally buffing my thumb shiny, and it hurts), not being able to simultaneously read and knit at lunch (because my dang library book won't stay open on its own, so I have to hold it), and my recently remembered love of Gallo sav blanc. That one did in my knitting time last night.

On a better note, I like the lace panel now. On Monday, I hated it, and spent like an hour brainstorming ways to insert a different lace without ripping back the 10 rows I'd already done. I suspect that I could have ripped and re-knit in the time I thought about ripping and re-knitting, but whatever. I think it looks the way I want now, so I'm happy.

It's sort of like leaves, see?

I know this is the second knitting-on-a-desk photo in a row. It's been rainy here, and that makes for crappy photos. Here's hoping it stops raining soon so that a) I can take better pictures and b) I can wear my new coral capris outside. I have a serious coral problem lately. I'm pretty sure that Pantone decides their color of the year, and it automatically becomes my favorite color. I used to hate coral. Now, I loves it. Who knew.

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