Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One Sock Down.

Lab meeting sock: done. But just one. Since I finished it this morning I've had Norah Jones's "One flight down" in my head. No, it doesn't make sense to me, either.

Quick, easy, and it fits perfectly. All other socks I've made (the whopping two pairs) are a little big in the leg. This time I was like, I'm just gonna cast on an unreasonably small number of stitches, and hope it works. And it did. But now I've forgotten how many that was and will need to count so I can make the next one. 

I think I'm liking sock knitting better than I have before because I got some sweet new Addi Lace Turbo needles. It is so much easier to knit socks with these. Makes me wonder what I was doing before. 

It might be a bit before the sock gets a friend. I want to finish my pink lace sweater first, and my new Vogue Knitting came in the mail yesterday. I literally dreamed about one of the tank tops in it. So I must make. But the sock is portable, which makes the chance of two socks far more likely. I think the best thing to say is that someday, there will be two socks. Someday, sock. Just hold on.

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