Monday, February 27, 2012

Neapolitan Mittens

Every year my husband's graduate program has a Mardi Gras charity ball. I use the term "ball" loosely here. It's more like a costumed, wine-soaked debauchery fest that happens to be sponsored by school. Last year I wore pink feather eyelashes. I could see nothing. A large part of the charity portion of this event is a silent auction. I always knit something to donate, but usually I'm more on top of it than this year. I totally forgot about it until about a week before hand. So I dug around in the "box of WIPs that stand a chance of being finished someday", which is different than the "box of WIPs that have no chance, but I can't stand the thought of ripping them out yet, and so here they are in this box." I found a nearly done pair of flip-top mittens that I probably started a year ago. Didn't take much to finish them off, and I like how they turned out. Plus, they're made from left over yarny bits, so they're a great stash buster. I think I have the pattern written down somewhere. I'll try to remember to put it on Ravelry soon.

The brown and white are Cascade 220. The hot pink is Encore worsted, and the pinky-purple is yarn I dyed that was left over from my barbie vest- I think it started life as Galway wool.

And some gratuitous photos, because I like photos.

So I hope they get some bids. Unfortunately (for this reason only, because otherwise, it's awesome), it's not really cold enough for mittens anymore. Maybe someone needs to give a gift to a cold-weather-dwelling friend? Never know. 

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