Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Single Socks

I don't know what's happening to me. This is not my style at all.


I never, ever start a new pair of socks before finishing both in the set. Never. So what am I doing? I don't know. Well, I know a little bit. I knitted the rainbow sock in March, but then I got caught up in a design deadline nightmare and I had zero time for non-deadline knitting. I got caught up, took a trip to South Dakota, wanted to knit socks on the plane, but decided that taking 9 balls of yarn with me to make the second rainbow sock seemed silly, so I cast on the blue pair. The bargain I made with myself was that I could knit the blue sock on my trip, but then when I got home I had to make the second rainbow sock. Nope. When I got home, some yarn that I had ordered from Etsy a few weeks ago had arrived... and I simply had to knit with it. It has little rainbows in it. How could I pass that up? So now I have two complete socks and a nearly complete sock, and none of them match. Oops. 

This one is a Honey Badger, and I'm using my oldest sock yarn- Dream in Color Smooshy, in Lunar Zazzle. I bought this yarn in probably 2010, maybe 2011, and I've now carted it from California, to Delaware, to Louisiana. It's time to use it, I decided. The pattern is easy but not boring, which means it's pretty much my perfect sock pattern. I used an Eye of Partridge heel because I like it. Otherwise I think I followed the directions. 

This yarn is nuts. I got it on Etsy from The Lemonade Shop. This one is called Stormy Day. It was not cheap, but I had never seen yarn like this before and I simply had to have it. It's... ok. I'm not as thrilled with it as I thought I would be. I would definitely call this a light fingering instead of a normal fingering. The rainbows are really kind of neon. It's hard to photograph, but trust me. It's like a Lisa Frank pencil case from 1987 exploded in this yarn. Not that that's a bad thing- it's just bright. But these socks will be super fun, and I don't have any socks anything like these, so I like them. They're just a bit whoa.  


  1. Hm, I'd be tempted to finish that Stormy Day sock & wear it with the finished rainbow sock! All 3 look great, & I might have to check out Honey Badger.

    1. Haha, I hadn't thought of that, but I like it! Yeah, check out Honey Badger- quick, easy, fun.