Monday, January 29, 2018

So Faded for meeee

Top to bottom, C6, Huasco, C2, C4

Elaina's So Faded turned out so cute that I decided I wanted to make a me-sized one. I put this pattern on my 2018 Make Nine knowing that I was just about to start it... not sure if that's cheating or not?

I'm using three skeins of Zen Yarn Garden's Superfine Magical Dye Pot, and a coral skein of Araucania Huasco that I got before my LYS closed (saddest day ever) that just happened to perfectly coordinate. The Zen Yarn Garden is clearly made for fading, so that's what I'm using it for. I got to pick from six different "series", each of which has six different colorways, all meant to coordinate within the lettered series. So I picked C2, C4, and C6. It was hard to choose because there are just so many options. First I narrowed down the letter, then I had an even harder time picking which numbers I wanted. Tough. But good though! It's always best to have many lovely options. 

Here's the progress of my sweater. I started with C2 (which is actually the third one down in the picture of the skeins; I changed my mind after taking that picture) at the top, and have faded into the Huasco. The color match is so good that you can't even see the fade. Love it. Next I'll do the white speckled skein, then the purple-y one. I'm debating trying to find one more purple-y one to do after the final Zen Yarn skein, but I haven't had any luck yet, and my mom and I are thinking of extending "Buy No Supplies" January into February as well. (She wants to do through April, but her fabric stash is so insanely out of control that I think that is a good idea for her.)

I don't actually think I'll get this done in time to wear it this winter. I suspect our cold days are all over at this point. But who knows, it snowed twice in Baton Rouge this winter and that never, and I mean never, happens. 

The Superfine is just glorious to knit with. I like it better than the Gradient Quartet that I used for Elaina's sweater. The Superfine doesn't have the stringy superwash feel that the gradient yarn had. I really like that the yarn didn't pool much- I hate pooling. There was one place where it started pooling just a little bit, so I cut the yarn, pulled out about a yard, and joined it again. Problem solved. I (gasp) didn't wash my swatch, so I can't say anything about the colorfastness, but since my other yarn from Zen didn't bleed I'm assuming this will not as well. But yeah! I love this yarn. I'd highly recommend picking up a few coordinating skeins if you, like me, are fade-obsessed. The hardest part of knitting a faded pattern is choosing yarns that go so this takes all the guesswork out. 

Thanks to Zen Yarn Garden for providing the lovely yarn for review!

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