Saturday, January 27, 2018

Himalayan Summit // Gansey Wristers

I love knitting with "exotic" fibers. It's so fun to pull out your knitting and have someone ask, "oh, what's that?" and you get to say something like "oh this old thing? just some possum yarn" or "well the yarn is made from stainless steel and paper, no big deal." People are always surprised. This yarn, though, is made with fur from yak tummies, and it's glorious. It's Bijou Basin Ranch, which is basically synonymous with "luxury", and the yarn is called Himalayan Summit. It's 50% yak tummy fur and 50% merino. Fingering weight, 325 yards of lovely. This color is Barberry. My skein is more reddish than the skein in the link, but it's still very pretty.

I decided to make a pair of Gansey Wristers with this yarn. I thought the knit-purl patterns would look good with this yarn, plus I had to either pick a pattern that I already owned or a free pattern, because it's still "Buy No Supplies January." Free pattern it is.

I love knitting with this yarn. Love. It's really soft, of course, but what's really getting me is, I guess, the texture? I'm not sure what word to use. The yarn is firm and round, almost like it's been felted, but in the best way possible. It never splits- no one likes a splitty yarn. I just really love the way this feels in my fingers. I could be a weirdo, but whatever. Apparently I love a good firm yarn.

Haven't made it very far yet in the pattern. I'm hoping to get these done soon because it is really chilly in my sewing/computer room. It's almost like they forgot to put insulation in the walls of this room after the flood. Seriously, all the other rooms are fine but this one is freezing. Plus, the heater kicking on and off wakes up the baby when she's napping, so I have to turn it off during naps, and it gets extra cold in here. Some lovely yak wristwarmers would be just the ticket. 

Thanks to Bijou Basin Ranch for providing the yarn for review!

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