Thursday, May 22, 2014

Woolbringer, knitted sword of knights everywhere.

I just realized a horrible thing: I did not blog about the pattern I wrote for a knitted sword. Yes, a sword. I actually designed this terrific fairy tale kids' toy last summer, and it was supposed to be in a beautiful knitting magazine for kids patterns that unfortunately went kaput right before my issue was supposed to be published. I was sort of devastated. I also designed a knight tunic to go with the sword and it's just been sitting in my sewing room because I have no child to model it. Someday I will find a child of the appropriate size. Luckily I have this larger-sized knight to play with the sword for photos.

This is Woolbringer, a valiant weapon coveted by young knights everywhere! It's knitted from Wool of the Andes Bulky in a light gray, darker gray, and gold. The hilt of one's sword must always be gold, do we not agree? (And can we also agree that my husband is a master of naming things? "Woolbringer" is genius.)

The internal structure is cardboard, paint stir sticks that I may or may not have swiped from HomeDepot, and tape.

My husband had entirely too much fun with this photoshoot. 

Would your little knight like his own Woolbringer? (The answer is most certainly "yes", but it's more of a question of "do you want to probably get smacked with a knitted sword 18 times and have the kid chase the cat around and stab the couch and definitely terrorize the neighbor girl," and the answer to that may well be "no". But it's funny!)

$4 on Ravelry, no account needed. 

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  1. Your husband is the perfect model for this shot. :)