Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life, it changes.

1. I got a ball winder for my birthday. There's a learning curve, it turns out. Also, I have no swift, so I had to have my husband sit by me with his hands out, holding the yarn... it did not go well. One ball ended with me saying, "Ok, just give me the yarn. Give it!" Then I had it draped over my knees, trying to wind it from both ends to figure out what had gone so terribly wrong, and why the loop was sort of twisted and folded over on itself. "Hold the yarn," that's all I said to do. Sigh.

2. Speaking of husbands, mine got a job as a professor at LSU in Baton Rouge for this coming fall. Does anyone know any good alligator repellents? I want to spray some on our new yard.

3. Moving to Louisiana will round out our "Regions of the country we've lived in" map: Started in the Midwest, moved to New York for college, then to California for a PhD, and now we live in Delaware, so the South will pretty much complete that journey. (I recognize we have not lived in the Southwest, but I'm ignoring that region for reasons of hot desert, snakes, and Arizona.)

4. I am fairly certain from watching HBO smutty TV that all of the vampires live in Louisiana. Yes?

5. Changing topics entirely, I have several designs coming out this summer/fall that I'm super excited about, so keep an eye on this blog and I'll tell you about them when they come out! Or possibly, you'll see them before I get around to blogging about it. That could totally happen because I'll be too busy trying to buy a house in a place I've never even visited, or perhaps I'll be mixing up gator repellents in my garage. You never know.

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  1. Before I got my swift I used the back of a chair to put my yarn over. Husbands get bored of holding yarn much too quickly. Do some of the vampires live near Seattle? Good luck with your move. Alligators in the yard! What a thought I'll stick with marauding cats.