Friday, March 14, 2014

Strawberry Fields Forever

I started thinking about that song whilst knitting sock #1 of this pair, and now whenever I knit on them, that's all I can think about. They do look like strawberries, though, right?

 (Sock pair #3 of the year!)

 I knitted the first sock in literally two days. It took just about zero time to make. The pattern is just a plain vanilla cuff-down sock, and I'm sure that's contributing to the quickness, but geesh, two days? I'm not sure anything else happened during those two days.

The yarn is Plymouth "Happy Feet" that I bought several years ago for reasons best known to no one. Really, what was I thinking? This is the goofiest yarn I own. I'm making a real solid effort to knit (and sew) down my stash for previously stated reasons of "moving with all this stuff was stupid and I'm not doing that again when we move in September." So: strawberry socks. I actually like them more than I thought I would. It helps that they're going so quickly.

Specs: 60 stitches, cuff-down, on size 2s. I did a non-slip-stitch heel flap and a gusset, then my usual stumpy toe. Easy peasy. Great Friday Night Knitting.

(No buttons yet, so I closed it with a brooch and felt like a grandma.)

In other knitting news, I continue to work on my Everett cardigan mod. I am 90% positive that I will run out of yarn, so I haven't really been working on it much because I don't want to have to find more yarn once the inevitable happens. Solid logic. But I finished the body, button bands, and collar, and have started on sleeve #1. I do really like it as a cardigan. Anything to make my patterns more versatile, amirite? I am loving the Holla Knits KAL that inspired my cardigan. There are a few finished Everetts and a few more WIPs. Super cool to see my pattern finished by other people! I'm still fairly new as a designer, so FOs are few and far between. At least on Ravelry. There could be tons of finished Everetts out there, but if they aren't on Ravelry they are invisible.

And yes, my hands are blue. I washed a sweater today and that thing has enough dye in it to make everything white thing I own Grover blue. It has staying power, too. Last time I washed that thing my hands were blue for a week. Luckily I have nothing important to do outside the house for the next week. My friends will think I'm weird, but eh. They probably already do.

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