Thursday, February 20, 2014

Musings on bunchy lace.

This past weekend, my parents flew out to visit. Naturally, they were supposed to fly out on the day we had the first Nor'easter of the season. I swear that I am cursed when it comes to air travel. Any time that I'm involved in a flight- either I'm flying or I bought the plane tickets for someone else to fly- something goes horribly awry. Last time I flew, out of four legs of flight, there and back, two legs were cancelled and the other two delayed, then the airline lost my bag for 36 hours. Super fun. But I digress. Despite a cancellation, my parents managed to get here on the only flight from Minneapolis to Philly that day. Piece of luck.

Anyway. When they were here, my mom was checking out the knitting basket that I keep next to the couch, like you do. First comment: "How many projects do you have in here? Sheesh!" Ok, legit. I have a lot. Second comment, as she's holding up my in-progress Everett Cardigan: "Is this for a child?" Uh... no, it's for me. That got me thinking about lace, and how it bunches, and how a beginning knitter would likely freak out about how tiny tiny an in-progress lace sweater looks. I don't really have a point here. Or point is, I've been working on my Everett Cardigan Mod. I'm getting closer. Here's a picture of my (giant) cat with the (tiny) unblocked sweater, just for reference.

(Right? It looks pretty small.)

I steam-blocked it on the needles, because my mom's comment made me nervous, even though I know it is the right size. See the difference? This picture cracks me up. It's also the only picture that I took where I don't look absolutely terrible. I think I need a haircut again.

(I may be deranged?)

It fits well, but in hind sight I perhaps should have made one size up on one size smaller needles. Or maybe not? Higher necked cardigans (as opposed to grandpa cardigans, shawl-collared cardigans, that kind of thing) should be closer-fitting, in my opinion. So it's probably all fine. The button bands will need to be about an inch wide, I think. Still debating buttons vs. snaps, or snaps sewn on under the buttons. The decisions involved in being a Knitter! It's tough, man.

I suspect I'm going to run out of yarn. I have no idea why I thought I could knit an adult sweater out of 600 yards. Well, I mean, I do know why I thought that: because I am a crazy pants. But that's not news. This amount of knitting is 2/3 of the yarn, minus the little 15 yard ball that's in my pocket, because I didn't want to hold it. Here's hoping that if (when) I run out, I can get another ball in a dye lot that's not too terribly different.

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