Monday, February 10, 2014

Everett Henley: Winter Styling

It's Everett Henley Week at Holla Knits! Be sure to snag the pattern for 50% off this week- that's just $3! You can't pass up a bargain like that, can you?Answer: no you cannot.

This week, we're taking a closer look at the Everett and what you can do with it. Today is Winter styling, tomorrow will be Spring styling, and later this week, we'll go over some modification ideas. 

The Everett Henley has a lot going on- button placket, curved bottom hem, all-over lace- which can make it hard to style. You may think, “The sweater is so distinct that I have no idea how to style it!” I totally get it. I usually just wear mine with skinny jeans and tall boots. Easy, comfy, basic, right? There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to add some fashion, here’s a more kicked-up way to wear your Everett. I call it “I ride horses at my grandmother’s estate in New England.”

I don't know about your area, but we've been locked in the grips of the Polar Vortex for just about ever. I knitted my Everett with wool yarn, and while it is certainly warm, it's still lace, and that means wind can get through it. That's an easy fix for cold cold days- just layer it over a chambray button down. I think that old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day is silly, so throw on a pair of white jeans. I love wearing white pants in the winter- it feels both rebellious and classy. Add a pair of knee-high riding boots for trudging through the snow, a black peacoat, and a classy purse, and you've got that Polar Vortex beat, fashionably. 

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