Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everett Henley: Warmer Weather Styling

It's Everett Henley Week at Holla Knits! Be sure to snag the pattern for 50% off this week- that's just $3! You can't pass up a bargain like that, can you?

This week, we're taking a closer look at the Everett and what you can do with it. Yesterday was Winter styling, today is Spring styling, and in a few days, we'll talk modifications to the Everett. 

By far my favorite sleeve length for sweaters is three-quarter. I almost always push up long sleeves, but this way, they're already pushed up! It's also so much easier to layer a three-quarter sleeve over a button-down, because the sweater doesn't get in the way when you roll up the cuff. But I think that most importantly, I like three-quarter sleeves the most because that makes the sweater seasonally versatile.

This is an outfit I'm looking forward to wearing in the spring, or even next fall. The floral skirt is super cute with my Everett, and I've followed the age-old rule of top-layered-over-a-skirt: put a belt on it. The neutral high heels complete the look and make the outfit perfect for brunch or date night. Flats would be adorable, as well! 

This outfit works for spring because the three-quarter sleeves and open neckline mean you won't overheat in the sun, but you'll still be warm enough should the day turn chilly, as spring days are wont to do. The Everett is great for layering with skirt and dresses. How cute would it be over a button-down shirt dress? Or with a jean skirt? The possibilities are endless. 

(Yes, I'm cold. That's my cold face. But I can dream of spring, can't I? At least for a few minutes. Then I am too cold and we have to go back inside.)

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  1. This is the cutest outfit ever - you look smashing!