Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mittens and Socks

Hey, remember these mittens? And these socks? Well, I finished them both.

I do not love the mittens. First... the cuffs are much too short, and the silk has no memory, so they aren't snug on my wrists the way mittens should be. Second, the silk has very quickly become ragged looking (although in the mittens defense, I did have them stuffed in my purse all Christmas vacation), and third, they are not that warm. It's possibly (by "possible", I mean, "this is definitely what happened") that I made the yarn too thin overall and REALLY too thin in some places, and thin mittens are not warm mittens. They are lightweight, though. They weigh like 1 ounce, if that.But really, the silk was prettier in hankie form, and I almost wish I would have left it that way, and just admired it when I was in my craft room. Live and learn. I expect I will not attempt silk hankie mittens again.

(Wow, please ignore my truly terrible join at the top. Hmm, something to work on, I guess.)

The socks. They are the goofiest socks I've made thus far, but I love them. I got the yarn during Knit Picks' Cyber Monday sale, and it was like $5. I cannot pass up $5 sock yarn, even if it has the potential to be goofy. The colors, though, oh the colors. It's like every pastel ice cream color exploded on the socks. Any pattern at all would have been too much for this yarn. I just made plain vanilla (ironic, because I have been calling them "Ice Cream Socks") socks, cuff down, 64 stitches and a gusset heel. Easy. I had one and a half socks done before the new year, but since I finished them in 2014, they totally count towards my goal of 6 pairs this year. Check one off the list.

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