Monday, December 9, 2013

Wearing my crazy pants again.

I have a disease. It's alternately known by "Martha Stewart-itis", "Overachiever Syndrome", or just "The Crazy Pants." It's caused me, over the years, to sew 18 linen napkins the night before Thanksgiving, make my own butter (because if one is having homemade biscuits, one MUST have homemade butter), recreate this cake (seriously.), and make approximately 4 times the amount of food needed for every get-together I've ever hosted.

I'm in the midst of a terrible flare up that has me convinced I can finish (below, from left to right) this pair of socks (1.25 done), this sample sweater (which yes, I've barely started, but both sleeves are done already!), this still in-theory sweater for my husband, and this moto jacket (mostly just needs the sleeves attached)...

along with an Archer shirt, 60 handmade Christmas cards, new Christmas stockings, a tree skirt, 5 new ornaments (hand embroidered ones), and a 3 to 5 knitting pattern collection for babies, because we're going to see my nephew at Christmas, and I can use him as a model. Seriously. In my head, this is all totally doable, with time left over to maybe even make myself new mittens. And possibly a hat. Because in my head, it's mid-November.

I think I need help.

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