Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Like I didn't already have enough to do.

We're going to South Dakota for Christmas.
South Dakota is cold.
Cold can only be thwarted with mittens.
New mittens are much better than old mittens at thwarting the cold.
If I don't make new mittens, I'm going to freeze to death in South Dakota.
I don't want to die.
I must make new mittens now.

Yeah... sound logic. Despite the fact that I have eleventy million other things to do... I spent the entire last weekend making one mitten. Well, really, I made like 2.6 mittens, if you ignore the fact that I ripped them all out. I have no idea why it was a good idea to a) cast on something new when it's nearly Christmas and I'm swamped, and b) if  I really had to make the dang mittens, why on earth did I decide to learn a new thing to do it? I don't get me, sometimes.

I'm making mittens from silk hankies, or mawata, as I'm told it's supposed to be called. I bought this silk at Stitches West last March because pretty. I always figured it would be mittens, because like every other knitter out there, I read the Yarn Harlot's post on silk hankie mittens and I wanted some. Disclaimer: it's actually way harder than it looks. First I made the "yarn" way too thin, then I made the mittens way too big, then I had trouble with even-ness, but. I made a mitten. It looks like a child knitted it, but I like the color, and in theory, it will be warm. I think the second mitten will be much easier and (I seriously hope) not look quite so much like a child made it. There's a steep learning curve here. I watched this Knit Picks video on how to turn the silk layers into yarn, which helped a ton. And luckily, the yarn frogs well- and not just well, it's like actual yarn when you rip it out instead of the fluff you were knitting with.

In case you're interested, I did indeed finish the moto jacket (blog post on that later), I'm one foot (not the unit of measure, the body part) away from finishing the socks, I haven't even touched the box of blue yarn, and I did maybe 2 more rows on the sample sweater. I did, however, make all of the Christmas cards, write an ebook I hadn't planned on writing, get half way through an Archer, make that one dang mitten, and finish my Christmas gifting. Go, me.

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