Saturday, August 10, 2013

More things in progress.

After I decided that I was going to be a Professional Knitwear Designer, I discovered that magazines, both online and print, have calls for submissions ALL THE TIME. I don't know how I didn't know about this before, but oh well. I know now. I submitted a design that I was actually really confident about and really liked to a well-known magazine, and... got rejected. Which is fine. I try not to be delusional. That same day that I got the rejection notice, I was reading something online about yarn support, and how all you have to do is ask a company, and you'll often get the yarn provided to design your sweater/hat/cat cozy/whatever. I sent my proposal to Cascade Yarns, and to my surprise and excitement, they agreed! I got a lovely box of free yarn in the mail, and it was awesome.

Working on my design now. Pretty colors, yes? I really, really hope to have this totally published by mid-September, because that is when we move across the country. This feels like a good goal to me.

The yarn was less free, but I'm also working on this design:

Something quick and summery. Gosh, I love to knit. Don't you love to knit? I think I need to go knit now. Actually, I do need to go knit now if I'm ever going to get all this done.

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