Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Instant gratification.

What with all the design work I've been doing (and there's more! Two patterns in one magazine for the winter! No, I can't tell you where!), I have really been loving small instant gratification projects. No thinking, just knitting, done in an hour or two- no longer than one evening. Can't give up any more time than that. An aside: publishing is on a long time scale. I cannot wait until all of the work I've been doing actually shows. Right now, everything looks the same to an outsider, but it's workworkwork over here! I'm like a chihuahua, just shaking in anticipation of all the good that's about to happen.

Left to right: Drips, a free pattern from the pretty little fiber co., knitted in an eye-searing neon yellow acrylic from Hobby Lobby and I think some gray Plymouth Encore?; a baby hat for my friend's new baby, knitted using all leftovers, which is one of my favorite things- Cascase 128 Superwash and Malabrigo worsted; and a pair of baby mittens for my sister's unborn little one, using leftover Plymouth Superwash. I have this enormous box of little leftover balls of yarn, and it brings be great satisfaction to actually use them. Babies are the best for that, because everything they need is little.

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