Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We're moving to Delaware in the fall. Yup, Delaware. I shall leave my beloved California and journey to the land of soft-shell crab, historical reenactments, and really old houses. I may have said this a few times, but... I love, love, love all things nautical. Delaware- it feels nautical to me. So I informed my husband that our new house in Delaware is going to be decorated in an entirely nautical fashion. The whole thing. Luckily a good portion of our California house is already nautical, so I can just redistribute in Delaware. I did make us a new set of oven mitts, though. We didn't have any nautical oven mitts, and that was just a shame.

They were pretty quick. The chevron (I know, it's everywhere) is Riley Blake, and I just did some simple chevron quilting with Insul-Brite, a layer of cotton batting, and the fabric. I made the lining separately this time, which I really like, because now there are no visible seams.

I was making a "dress" I bought at Target longer, because my entire butt showed if I so much as leaned forward, and I had some extra fabric, so I needle-turn-appliqued a heart to one of the mitts. I forgot that I don't like to hand applique, but it was just a small piece, and it's cute. 

Now I think I need to learn to screenprint so I can make us some anchor-printed tea towels to go along with these oven mitts. If everything we own is not nautical, maybe they won't let us into Delaware. So it's best to be sure. 

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