Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Replacement Unicorn.

We lost a lot when the house flooded last year. Most of the furniture, an awful lot of my yarn and fabric, tons of books. Probably the things that make me saddest, though, are my high school yearbook and my handknits. I had a box of handknits under my sewing table. The box would have floated except that the table held it down, so it filled up with water and sat there for two days. Again, this would have been fine- people don't realize just how much you really can save from a flood- except that one sweater in that box bled dark blue dye all over everything else, and that's not fixable. I don't care about the blue sweater. Never liked it anyway. But the original unicorn hoodie was in there, and that I lament. 

So cute.

So, I'm making a new one for the baby. I'm using leftover yarn from my Blowing Snow cardigan from Midwestern Knits, and some Knit Picks Swish for the hooves. Not sure yet on the horn. I might so the same yarn as the hooves, but I do like a metallic horn. Dilemmas. 

For the mane and tail I've got the perfect yarn. It's called Magic Ball and it's a mix of mohair, ribbon, and yarn in the perfect sugary unicorn colors. I can't wait to get this thing done because it's gonna be adorable.

Right? That is the most unicorn-y unicorn yarn I've ever seen. So perfect.

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