Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Knit Picks Pattern and Giveaway!

Nearly a month ago (oops) I had a new pattern in the Knit Picks collection called Briar Rose. It's nine lovely patterns that are all sort of cottage-y, like something that would be in the living room in a fairy tale house. My pattern is the Ruffled Pillow, and it's pretty easy. It uses seven colors of Palette (which if you're like me, you've totally got that lying around in your stash.) It's a stockinette pillow base worked in the round, and simple ruffles that you knit then sew onto the front of the pillow.

I have an extra copy of the book. Want to win it? Leave me a comment about this pattern, or the collection, or how happy knitting makes you, or give me some advice about having a baby, because this thing is coming out in the next 18 days whether she wants to or not. I'll pick a winner at random on or around March 7th (I say around just in case the baby comes before then) and I'll send off the book so you can knit your own fairy tale living room decor. Please don't forget to leave me a way to contact you if you win!

Quick life update: We are back into our house after the flood last August. We're the only people living on our street so far, which is sort of eerie, but good I guess? But at the same time I feel guilty that we get to live in our house and no one else does. We totally got priority because of my pregnancy, so I shouldn't feel bad at all, but women. We're weird.

My due date is March 11th, so if I go radio silent for awhile that's why. I *fingerscrossed* hope that this baby is easy so that I can still knit, sew, blog, tweet, whatever, but who knows and we'll see. Eeeee!


  1. Super cute pillow! Get an epidural says the mother of 9!! Rav amchart

  2. I'm so glad to hear about all of your updates! The pattern is lovely! You learn things about babies as you need to-try not to get too overwhelmed! And yes, epidurals are wonderful! Mamagiff on Ravelry

  3. Your pillow was really my favorite! My son was born March 11th - 26 years ago! He was 3 weeks early and I got to the hospital an hour before he was born, so no drugs! He slept 18 hours a day for about a month! I got so much done on the computer! Hope yours is just as easy. You'll love her forever! SareBearKnits on rav

  4. So good that you are back home. Just want to say - not having an epidural can be just fine too! The pillow is adorable.

  5. Decided to answer all the questions��. It is the year for knitters having girls! Two other great friends due with girls in next three months. Love the pillow in soft tones, but dying to make it with super bright singles for a preteen room! Knitting gives me a relaxing outlet and the joy of a physical finished product at the end of a day. And be prepared to do at least one thing pre-Mom you said "I would never...". Accept it, and have a laugh at yourself. Don't judge yourself for it �� My sis and I had this discussion the other week.