Friday, August 12, 2016

Another new Knit Picks pattern

(All photos courtesy of Knit Picks.)

A couple weeks ago, Knit Picks released my new pattern that I very cleverly named the Antler Cable Pillow. It's part of the new "No Place Like Home" collection, a 15 pattern book divided into three style sections- "Farmhouse Flair", "Lodge Living", and "Southwest Style". I was thrilled to see that my pillow is actually on the cover of the book! (Along with two other pillows and two blankets, but still. Exciting.)

Here's a picture of just my design. This pillow is knitted in Wool of the Andes Superwash. Making this pillow was my first time using that yarn and I really liked it! It's quite a bit softer than normal WofA. The pattern has options for either a cabled front and stockinette back or two cabled sides. It's knitted in two pieces and seamed/grafted together at the sides and top. The pillow cover fits snugly on an 18" pillow form.

There are several patterns in this book that I'd like to knit if I get the chance. 

The Peaks Pillow below is a fun colorwork pattern that I think could be super cool in less Southwest-y colors (I'm not into Southwest style.)

Holli Yeoh's Shadow Weave Placemats are way, way cooler than Ravelry knitters are giving them credit for. Take a close look at that ombre- so cool. 

Overall another great Knit Picks collection. I really love working with them- they're so easy to work with, and the books always turn out so great! I've got a huge backlog of stuff I want to knit from Knit Picks collections. Wish I could knit in my sleep. I'd be so productive. 


  1. We really need to put our heads together & figure out how to sleep knit! My queue is way too long and life is way too short. I really like your pillow design, and could see it in not just my house but my sister's too.

  2. I just heard you were affected by the flooding; hope everyone is ok & you can get lots of help in getting back to "normal". I did buy some patterns, and called out other Ravelers on my blog, and will be praying for all the flooded folks.