Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Admiralty

Hello hello Holla Knits lovers. It's blog tour day!

Let's talk about my pattern from the Holla Knits Home Collection. I designed a 3-D ship's helm pillow, because why not. It's called The Admiralty, and you can check it/buy it out here on the Holla Knits website.

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, then I think you'll already know about my love of all things Nautical. It's a real problem for me. Examples.

This is just one of my nautical art pieces. It lives in the dining room. 

A subset of my nautical jewelry. Really, I have more.

A portion of my nautical clothes. I really love stripes. And, uh, navy.

And of course, my living room. I have so very many nautical pillows. Most of them I made after we moved to Delaware last year, because we got that gray couch, and gray is easier to work into a navy-white-and-lots-of-stripes theme than our old tan couch was. When I saw the call for submissions for the Holla Knits Home Collection this past spring, my brain went, "Ship's helm pillow. Round out the couch collection." I honestly thought there was no way that the editor would go for it, but apparently she and I have the same weirdnesses going on. So here we are. A knitted ship's helm pillow. 

Construction was a bit tricky to figure out, but in the end I got it. Like my previous Holla Knits pattern (the Everett Henley, bane of lace sweater knitters everywhere), the difficulty is a little high. You should already know how, or at least be willing to learn quickly, to do intarsia, Kitchener stitch, mattress stitch, and small-diameter knitting in the round. The black circle is your starting point. Each spoke is its own intarsia wedge. After knitting all six you seam them together, then join them on one long circular to knit the edging. You make two of the same, then Kitchener those babies together with a pillow form inside. The handle parts of the spokes are stuffed and sewn on.  

Please, please, someone with a little boy needs to design a pirate-themed room for him and knit this. I am begging someone. I want to see that so badly. 

So, there we are. Knitted ship's helm pillow. If you want to check out the other stops on the blog tour for this collection, here you go. 

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  1. A. After reading the construction details=gurl you crazy. You don't half ass anything!
    B. I love your living room!

    1. A: Indeed I am. I don't know what it is about my Holla Knits patterns, but my brain goes, Let's make this really complicated! And I can't stop it.
      B: Thanks! My husband thinks we have too many pillows, but that's not a thing, so.