Sunday, July 6, 2014

Holla Knits Home Collection 2014

The Holla Knits Home Collection 2014 is out and I have a pattern in it! 

This is The Admiralty. Yes, it's a knitted ship's helm pillow. You can get the individual pattern for $4, or the entire 5 pattern collection for $12 on the Holla Knits website. Then you, too, can show the world your love of nautical. :)

I'll be back on July 10th to talk a little more about the pattern and my love of all things nautical. Here's a blog tour schedule so you can check out everything that's going on in this collection! 

July 7: Launch
July 9: Jean Chung
July 10: Emily Ringelman - that's me!
July 11: Klever Knits

July 14: Canary Knits
July 15: Louet Blog
July 16: Laura McDougal
July 17: Knits in Class

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