Saturday, October 19, 2013

My living room is all kinds of nautical.

My nautical quilt is done. As are two new nautical pillows.

I started the quilt probably two months ago, when we were still in California. In the process of quilting it, I sucked. I figured that the best way to go about it would be to start from the corner and quilt my way to the middle, then flip it and start from the opposite corner. This works if you've made a good, well-pinned quilt sandwich. I did not. I ended up with about an inch of extra fabric in the middle. So I put the quilt in a box, put that box in another box and mailed the box to myself. When it arrived... no just kidding, I packed it in the Uhaul. My new sewing room is quite a bit smaller than my old one, so I'm trying to make a solid effort to not have UFOs around, because they take up space, so I put in some time with my seam ripper and took out quite a bit of the quilting, then re-pinned and did it all again. I bound the quilt in some Coral and Salmon Kona with a bit of whale fabric mixed in, just for funsies.

The quilted pillow I also started in CA, when I was supposed to be packing my craft room. I used four colors of blue and some white to make four panels, then sewed them together with the darkest blue towards the middle. I did what I think is called matchstick quilting? Or is that even closer together than what I did? Regardless, it took forever to quilt this thing. Can't imagine doing it on a whole quilt. So I finished the pillow front in CA, then did the rest here in Delaware. I put in an invisible zipper in both pillows. AND I finished the seam allowances nicely on the inside. I'm trying really hard to become a legit seamstress who makes nice things.

That sailboat pillow? First of all, love. Got it at Joann's in the home decor section. I have enough fabric left to make at least one more pillow, which I may or may not do... because I was thinking shorts. Would that be too much?  

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