Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Owls for me!

Two years ago, my sister came out to visit right around her birthday, so I waited to knit her a gift until we could pick out a pattern and yarn together. She picked the Owls sweater, and I got it nearly finished during down time while she was visiting- it was that quick. Bulky weight yarn is always quick, and it helps that she's petite. I love owls, and I knew that I wanted an owls sweater as well, but I didn't get around to it until last month.

I bought a bunch of Universal Yarns Classic Chunky in lilac because Jimmy Beans was having a really good sale. And I cannot resist a really good yarn sale. My plan was to knit a pullover in a large-scale lace pattern with the yarn, but I hated every swatch I tried. So I just stuck the yarn in my stash for awhile until it occurred to me that I could make an owls sweater with it. I try to keep one "Friday night knitting" project on the needles at all times- something with large stockinette portions, usually- and this sweater totally fit the bill. Unfortunately, I finished it just as the weather got amazing, so I haven't worn it yet. Every single year I finish knitting a sweater just before the everyday-is-72-and-sunny time of year. Seriously, I love California. This is the best time of year to live here. I just don't get to wear my sweaters, which is a price I will pay for glorious days full of barbecues, flowers, and outside lunches.

I put the sweater on so we could take pictures, and in the literally 5 minutes I had it on, I thought I was going to get heat exhaustion. Oh, poor me, right?

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