Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stitches West

I realize how very far behind I am on this, but. Here's what I got at Stitches West.

Things to spin:

I'm not a huge spinner, but I love squishing fiber. The orange-y one is a gorgeous merino-silk blend from Opulent Fibers. The coral Tussah silk is also from that booth. I think I stood in that booth for an awkwardly long time. All of the colors were gorgeous and saturated, and I could not choose. I think that when I picked those two, in my head I was going to blend them or something, but now I don't know. I will most likely just look at them for like 3 years before I do anything with them.

This amazing-ness is a silk hankie from Miss Babs. I have no clue what to do with it, but this color (like a vibrant orchid-y bright pink?) is my favorite, favorite thing that happens to yarn and fiber. I spent I think two solid hours one day a few weeks ago looking for sock yarn this color on the interwebs. I did not succeed. So when I saw this, I snatched. I was thinking that it might become mittens? The Yarn Harlot made some mittens with silk hankies, and she just knitted right off the hankie instead of spinning the fiber first. I think it will be tricky, though, because ever time I touch this every tiny little rough spot on my hands catches on it. Annoying.

And the yarn. The purpley one is Miss Babs sock yarn, in the same colorway as the silk hankie. I cannot tell you the excitement explosion that went off in my head when I found that. Actually, that's how I felt the entire time I was in that booth. By far my favorite booth at the show. All of the Miss Babs yarn was stunning. I could have spent my entire paycheck in there. So that's the purple yarn; the little skein of autumn-colored yarn is also Miss Babs sock yarn, but in baby-sized skeins. That's going to be a hat for my theoretical neice or nephew, who is due in late September. The coral yarn to the right is.. you guessed it! Also Miss Babs. It's lace weight merino/silk, and it is destined to be a light weight cowl. The vibrant orange on top is the odd man out. It's sock yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. It's that tight-twist base that a lot of dyers use, and I am excited to knit with it, because I'm pretty sure I haven't used yarn like that before. 

So two pairs of socks, a baby hat, a lightweight cowl, maybe a pair of mittens, and some fiber to squish. Not a bad haul. Also, I apparently have a pretty specific color love right now. Pretty, pretty!

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