Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just the back.

I finished this awhile ago, but we had a cold snap, and I didn't like the way the sweater looked over long sleeves, but it was too cold to wear with short sleeves.... so it didn't get worn. But now, it's warm enough.

It's from the first Vogue Knitting I ever got, the one from Spring 2011. It's simply called #28 Lace Cardi. It's pretty much just a back of a sweater. Doesn't cover my front in any way. I think it would have, had I followed the pattern and kept increasing when it said to, but the sweater looked so big to me that I stopped increasing early, and now I regret. It was remarkably fast to knit- I think I did it in about a week, during which time I even had houseguests.  

I used some yarn I already had in my stash for this sweater, which was very satisfying. It's Bamboo Ewe, which is actually much nicer than I thought it would be, being from Michael's and all. Yes, yes, that's a yarn-snobby thing to say. Don't care.

So overall, we'll call it a moderate success.

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