Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm in Knitscene!

This amazingness arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Yep. That's my pattern in the new Knitscene. I squealed pretty loud... might have scared the neighbors.

This is the Ouverte Tee from the Summer Knitscene. It's part of the dance story that grew out of a geometric call for submissions. I lurves the way they modeled it- and that it's the cover pattern for the story. :) I intended it to be a layering piece, so I love the way they showed it over a dance outfit. I think that I would be less bold and layer it over a cami, but I sure love the blue. And that hairstyle. Bold.

The Ouverte Tee is really a pretty simple idea. Knitted from the bottom up in an all-over easy lace pattern, with cap sleeves that are shaped with a few increases. Twisted rib at the bottom, neckline, and sleeves keeps things tidy. It's meant to be worn with a few inches of positive ease- I think the model is wearing it with 2.5 inches of ease. Easy, quick, great for summer. I knitted the sample with Valley Yarns Goshen- a worsted weight cotton/modal/silk blend that's great for warmer weather knits. I can't wait to get the sample back- it's so freaking hot here in the Deep South that this type of knit is exactly what I need for a lot of the year.

This is my second print magazine publication (the first was Coronis in Pompom Quarterly last fall.) It's the most amazing feeling to see my work and name in print. Addicting, one might say. Must. Have. More. Subs. Accepted.

It's a long process, publishing in a magazine. I submitted this idea last summer- maybe in June? It was accepted at the very beginning of August- I remember because my issue of PPQ came out the very same day. That was a darn good day. I got the yarn in late August, sent the sample to the magazine in late September, then just waited. Lots of waiting. I think we did tech editing in January, then I got to see the pattern laid out in the magazine in maybe early March, and now- it's really real. Squee!! I can't wait until projects start popping up on Ravelry.


  1. I'm commenting to say that I read your blog but I never seem to have anything witty to say, so I just lurk out here and enjoy your pretty knitting pictures and hearing about your work life balance, but I want you to keep blogging, so I'm commenting to let you know someone is reading. :-) Congrats on being published and the gloves are really pretty! :)

    1. What a lovely thing to hear! I often feel like I'm blogging to thin air, and my knitting-new job balance has been totally out of whack lately, so it's nice to hear that someone out there cares. :) Thank you so much!

  2. Agreeing with Katie - I don't know if you remember me but I went to grad school with your husband. I saw you had a pattern in Knitty (majorly cool, congrats!) and now I'm following your blog as well :) Beautiful summer tee!

  3. How exciting Emily! The top is very cute!