Thursday, December 4, 2014


If you're on Instagram, you've probably seen pictures of knitted socks in various states of completion with the hashtag "operationsockdrawer."
"But what does that mean?" you ask. "It sounds so serious!"
I was hoping to find out that it's a group effort to introduce more handknit socks into the world, or a motivator to finish one new pair a month, or even an encouragement to knit socks from your stash sock yarn before buying new sock yarn, which is something I could definitely use some help with, but no. From what I can tell, there is no actual Operation Sock Drawer, there is only a hashtag. It means nothing except that "Hey I made/am currently making these socks and now they're on Instagram." Oh well. No idea where this got started, but I like showing off what I've made, and I like seeing other people's socks, so I'll keep using it.

So! This is my actual sock drawer. It makes me happy. #operationsockdrawer

The self-patterning pair in the middle is my newest addition. I finished them just before the Christmas knitting extravaganza started, and by that I mean that I needed the needles they were on for Christmas knitting so I had to hurry up and finish the socks. And... I sort of hate these socks. 1) They're goofy. 2) They're not that warm, which is super weird, because they're wool socks. 3) They're not very soft, probably because the yarn has a bit more nylon than most sock yarns. 4) They're goofy.

The yarn is Berroco Sox and I have to say... I won't buy it again. That's fine, because my sock yarn stash is getting a bit out of control. I think I have enough sock yarn to double my current sock collection. I know that a lot of knitters would laugh at that, but I try to keep the stash in check. No point in having oodles of yarn just sitting there in your sewing room, taunting you, because you currently have eleventy million things on the needles so you can't (ahem, shouldn't) cast on anything else even though that skein of Miss Babs is calling your name... no. Best to keep the temptation out of the house, that's what I always say.


  1. Operation Sock Drawer is, actually, a contest sponsored by the Knitmore Girls to inspire people to make themselves (or continue making themselves) a stash of warm, handcrafted socks. I think their Rav group also has a place to post FOs for those of us who don't instagram. There are prizes, but the best one is the socks. Unless, of course, you hate the socks, in which case you can still enter the contest and kick off someone else's sock drawer dreams.

    1. Clearly my sleuthing skills leave something to be desired. Thanks for the info!

    2. Meh! It's all about listening to the right podcast at the right time. If I had read this last week, I'd've been right there with you.

  2. Now, I would consider points 1 & 4 to be favorable qualities...but that's just me. And I have Berroco Sox in my stash, and If I can ever get over the huge d**n hump of moving clear across town I may just be able to make some socks!