Monday, November 25, 2013

One whole week.

That's how many days in a row I can wear a different pair of hand knitted socks. I finished my Hermione's Everyday Socks this morning and promptly shoved them on my feet, because dang, it's cold here.

It's difficult to get a picture of your own feet. Have I mentioned that? Because it is. This yarn is Studio Sock from the Neighborhood Fiber Co. It's that super tight twist yarn that all the dyers were using as their base a bit ago, and... I don't like it nearly as much as normal twist sock yarn. Good thing to learn about oneself. I have another skein of super twisty yarn, but the rest of my (admittedly quite small) sock yarn collection is normal twisty.

Here's my pile of socks. Stacking them all up makes me happy. (Also... I did not realize how rainbow-y they are. Hmm.) Ideally, all of my socks will one day be hand knits. In this fantasy world, I'll also have a pet unicorn, my kitchen faucet will dispense perfectly mixed margaritas, and Justin Beiber will no longer be a thing. So, in other words... not likely. But I can try! Or at least cast on for another pair.

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  1. So pretty! Do you ever wear through the heels after walking on carpet a lot? My store-bought wool socks get heel-holes. I'm scared to knit socks in case my precious handiwork wears out...