Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Everett Henley Week!

Over the next couple months, Holla Knits is going to be running weekly features for individual patterns, and this week happens to be Everett Henley week! This was my very first sweater pattern, and it nearly killed me. Top-down, all-over lace, crazy, but awesome! I still love this pattern.

This week, the Everett Henley is 50% off.... so you can get this fantastic pattern for just $3. Your Starbucks probably cost more than that.

About two years ago, when we still lived in snowy Delaware, I started knitting a cardigan version of this sweater for myself, based on this sketch that I did. I'm embarrassed to say that I literally just finished it. Longest WIP ever.

Here's a progress shot. And my crazy face. 

And here's a shot when I realized that I would most definitely not have enough yarn. That's all the yarn I had left, and I hadn't even started the sleeves. I'm not totally sure what I was thinking when I started knitting. Surely it was obvious that I didn't have enough yarn. I can't remember though, because it was two years ago. Geesh.

Amazingly, someone on Ravelry had a ball of that yarn in the exact same dye lot, and she was willing to part with it. However, by the time the yarn arrived, I had already put this sweater in the time out bin, and I forgot all about it, until literally a week ago, when I realized that I would need to knit both sleeves in very little time. Well guess what. I did it. 

Despite having that extra ball of yarn from that wonderful Raveller, I still didn't have enough yarn to make the cardigan the way I really wanted. I wish it had an extra couple of inches of length in the body. I realize that I could have made 3/4 sleeves and had enough yarn for a longer body, but for whatever reason I decided that I really wanted long sleeves. Sacrifices. 

I'll be back on Thursday to talk about how, specifically, I modified this pattern into a cardigan. In the meantime, don't forget to get the pattern for half off!


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